Unique Solutions:Turrets and Radios

There are challenges when installing security cameras and equipment.  Weatherproofing, wireless transmission, existing systems integration.

Late advancements in technology has increased the quality, usability, and amount of emerging features in our products. This has also brought down costs for storage requirements and equipment deployment. Just a quick firmware upgrade can add features that are being released to products that are already a few years old. Did you know we can reliably beam camera signals to another location over 10 kilometers away with line of sight?  We are pros at getting your internet configured properly as well if you are having troubles.

Check out new tech such as “starlight” cameras with special sensors that see color in near darkness, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, integrated audio (one or two way). In addition, redundant storage, infrared motion detection and triggered events, line crossing, intrusion detection zones auto-tracking, remote alerts and alarm integration, offsite image uploads and email notifications, and are all viable options.  And suddenly we are approaching more integrations of advanced AI driven analytics, which brings even more features like facial recognition and detection and searching, person and vehicle detection, object taken or object left detection, people counting, and automatic license plate reading and searching, and advanced analytics. We are constantly in touch with our manufacturers and other industry partners, providing customer and technical feedback, creating a hands on method of evolving the technology.

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